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Day surgery information




  • For your surgical procedure I will examine you prior to your operation.
    This examination will include your past and present medical history and a physical examination
    of your heart and lungs.  It is most important that you bring with you, details of ALL medications
    which you are taking or which you have taken over the preceding two weeks.



  • If you are taking aspirin, disprin (or other aspirin containing drugs), Voltaren, Feldene, Celebrex
    (or other anti-inflammatory drugs), it is best to change to Panadol or Panadeine the week before
    and continue this for the week after your procedure.



  • You should have nothing to eat or drink on the morning of your
    procedure except for regular medications (including the contraceptive pill).
    These may be swallowed with a small amount of water.



  • Please Note:
    If possible, come to the surgery accompanied by a responsible adult person.
    You must have a responsible adult to accompany you home and be with you overnight.
    You are strongly advised to travel home by private car or taxi, and not by public transport.
    If these criteria are not met, your operation will be cancelled.
    On no account can you drive yourself home.

After you arrive home

you may feel quite well, however, the anaesthetic will remain in your circulation in a very small
concentration to the point where your reflexes and judgment may be diminished.
Therefore you are:-


  • Not allowed to drive yourself home.
  • Not allowed to operate machinery e.g. hot stove, irons, washing machines.
  • Not allowed to drink alcohol until the following day.
  • Not allowed to sign legal documents or make important decisions on financial affairs.


You must take things quietly for the rest of the day and night after the operation.  The following morning you may resume normal activities.


If the information above doesn’t help. Call our practice for help (07) 5437 9355
Please note we cannot give medical information or advice via phone or email.
Our staff are happy to help, have a great day!

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