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Noosa News – On the right tract to health with new treatment at Noosa Hospital – Urolift.

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THERE’S many ways to keep the male body in shape.

Last week staging of the annual Triathlon meant Noosa became a veritable showground for men in their finest form; at the same time the first
operation of its kind on the Sunshine Coast was using a different technique to promote the same quality – good health.
At Noosa Hospital, four men suffering the common and uncomfortable disease of lower urinary tract symptoms caused by Benign Prostatic
Hyperplasia underwent a minimally invasive treatment that offers huge relief. It has little if any side affects and a very short recovery period.

The four men join a group of about 400 men nationwide who have found relief to symptoms that include slow flow, incomplete emptying,
hesitant and urgency in a half hour operation, that sees them go home on the same day and back to work the next week.
Urology specialist, Associate Professor Peter Chin of Wollongong Hospital flew into the Sunshine Coast to assist Urologist Dr Stuart Collins
with his first patients.

“It’s a half hour operation, with minimal problems and you’re home on the same day.” he said.
He said treatment options including medical therapy provided modest symptom relief, however side effects could prompt many patients to
discontinue treatment.

“Interventional procedures aim to remove prostate tissue in order to relieve urethral obstructive.
“While effective, these procedures result in a difficult healing period and can cause long-term complications.

Noosa Hospital COE Jude Emmer said it great news for men in the local community. “It will mean they won’t have to travel to Brisbane for

Dr Stuart Collins rooms are at Sunshine Coast University Private Hospital
and he consults and operates at Noosa Hospital.


Noosa News | Gail Forrer | 7th Nov 2014 9:24 AM



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